Adoption is a legal and social process to give children permanent homes with parents who love them.

Families or single persons may adopt children not previously known to them. Some people may adopt brothers and sisters together. Some children are adopted by their relatives.

How do I apply to adopt?

If you feel you want to adopt a child, write or phone Cree Nation Child and Family Caring Agency at once!

The order of adoption is issued by a judge. The agency handles all legal work required to register the select adoption with the authorities. When the judge issues the order, the child is legally the child of the adoptive parents, as if he or she had been born to them.

What costs are involved in adoption?

There may be some costs and these costs will, be discussed with you at the time of your application.

Repatriation Program

We register people searching for adoptees, birth parents, and siblings at the Post-Adoption Registry. Call us for more details at (204) 623-7456 extension 127.

Cree Nation Child & Family Caring Agency hosted an Adoption Conference March 2014. Hopefully, we will host another conference in March 2015. The conference was beneficial for those attending, adoptive parents, workers from northern agencies and foster families. This year’s presenters were Coleen Rojotte, adoptee and Aboriginal film director, Brock Campbell, adoptee and Engineer, and Elder Shirley Cook from Sapotaweyak.