Child Protection

The Child Protection Unit (CPU) has three Permanent Child Protection Workers, an Administrative Assistant and Child Protection Unit Coordinator.

Our unit will investigate child abuse referrals from the beginning to the end, utilizing The Child & Family Services Act, Child Abuse Regulations, Standards, and the Child Abuse Committee Guidelines.

Referrals are inputted into the Intake Module and internally transferred by way of Case Acceptance letters from Designated Intake Agency (DIA). The CPU Supervisor will assign a Child Protection Investigator to the case and supervise the case while being investigated.

Once the investigation is completed, and the outcome is found to be Unsubstantiated, the case will be closed and no further service is required from the unit.

If the case is found to be Substantiated or Inconclusive, the case will then be transferred to CFSIS for the completion of the Maltreatment windows and the case reference for the CFSIS file is named after the alleged offender. The case is then put on the Cree Nation Child & Family Caring Agency Child Abuse Committee agenda for the next meeting.