Designated Intake Agency

The Designated Intake Agencies (DIA) are governed by the Child and Family Services Authorities Act and deliver Intake and emergency services on behalf of all of the Authorities in designated areas of the province.

Cree Nation Child & Family Caring Agency (CNCFCA) provides these services in the designated area # 5 – Norman Region including the 7 First Nations receiving services from CNCFCA, Lynn Lake and Granville Lake. These services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning after hour child and family services are provided by CNCFCA for these areas.

CNCFCA DIA is located at 210 Fischer Avenue in The Pas, MB. There are 12 day-time staff and 3 after-hours staff from this location. There are after hour workers in each of the 7 communities, and you can find their contact information on the Contact Us page.